Fairy Art & Commissions

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  • Lynne Bellchamber – Fairy Art Calendar 2020 – Sorry, sold out

    The calendar is A3 in size and single sided. With its magical cover and original artwork this fairy calendar provides the viewer with a new visual delight every month. “Lynne Bellchamber’s charming paintings are irresistible, introducing us to the secret world fairies inhabit and allows the viewer an insight into their day to day lives.” […]

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  • A Break In The Clouds

    A fairy venturing out with her umbrella after a heavy downpour as the sun comes out. These prints are 10″ x 10″ (13″ x 13″ mounted) ready to frame.   High quality Blank Greeting Card (US$2.63 / £2 / C$3.52) High quality Blank Signed Greeting Card (US$6.6 / £5 / C$8.8) Giclee Limited Edition Signed […]

  • A Listening Ear

    Is there anything that says summer like vibrant red poppies swaying in shiny golden wheat fields? There is magic to be found here if you look closely enough. In this painting a fairy in a silky scarlet dress sits on an ear of wheat intently listening to a poppy flower. I wonder what is being […]

  • Accidents HappenAccidents Happen

    Hydrangeas fascinate me. How is it you can have different colour blooms in just one shrub? These young fairies have been given a little job to keep them out of mischief….painting some of the blue hydrangea flowers from blue to pink. A fairly simple task to do you would think but little ones are very […]

  • Autumn Glaze

    Autumn is a magical time in woodlands. The glowing colours, the mistiness in the air and toadstools are all sure signs of fairy presence and there are other clues too if you look hard enough. If you peek under a toadstool you might just be lucky enough to see a fairy working hard to add […]

  • Breeze Through The Bluebells

    There is magic to be found in the bluebell wood with its breathtaking display of flowers in the spring and you just know fairies are present. I loved the idea of catching a glimpse of a fairy as a breeze playfully moves through the flowers and gently caresses her hair and dress as she perches […]

  • Broken Wing

    As you all know I love to paint fairies and I started thinking about what might happen to a fairy who’s wings get broken or damaged. This piece called ‘The Torn Wing’ shows a fairy who has accidentally torn one of her wings on a windy day…..I wonder if she can still fly? These prints […]

  • Changing Seasons

    Magic is all around us in the change of the seasons and no where is it more apparent than in the humble apple tree…… is it possible nature has a little helping hand? The fairy guardians of this tree all have an important role to play on the journey through the seasons. In spring the […]

  • Dance Of The Red Dragonflies

    The red dragonflies are of significant importance to my client as they represent a fond part of her life when she was studying Chinese medicine some years ago. My brief was to paint these beautiful creatures dancing with fairies so I came up with this scene, each fairy partnered with a dragonfly, lost in their […]

  • Dewdrops at Dawn

    This painting is inspired by the breathtakingly beautiful sight of spiderwebs covered in morning dew. I am no fan of spiders but I so appreciate the intricate beauty of a silky spiderweb…the embellishment of dew drops is surely one of nature’s wonders. Or is it? Could it be fairy magic at work? Here we have […]

  • Drifting Away

    Drifting across the water a fallen Autumn leaf carries two fairies on a gentle journey. With fairy lights wrapped around the stem casting a guiding light and warm glow, one fairy soothes or comforts her friend as she drifts into a peaceful sleep. When life is tough painting fairies is where I find peace. It’s […]