Fairy Art & Commissions

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  • Lynne Bellchamber – Fairy Art Calendar 2020 – Sorry, sold out

    The calendar is A3 in size and single sided. With its magical cover and original artwork this fairy calendar provides the viewer with a new visual delight every month. “Lynne Bellchamber’s charming paintings are irresistible, introducing us to the secret world fairies inhabit and allows the viewer an insight into their day to day lives.” […]

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  • Promise Of Snowfall

    As the weather warms up, I am inspired to paint winter….why?? 😂 As the temperature drops, the anticipation of snow rises and it’s no different in the fairy realm. Nestled amongst the needles of a pine tree are two little winter fairies. These little beings never feel the cold and fully embrace their duties of caring for […]

  • Rise And Shine

    Where do the young fairies sleep at night? They’re so small and vulnerable. I like to think the morning glory vine is the perfect place. This plant has large trumpet-shaped flowers and as the sun sets in the evenings the young sleepy fairies climb into the beautiful blooms. The morning glory is truly magic. It […]

  • Set of all 12 Fairy Cards

    *** NEW *** I now have 12 designs in my range of fairy greetings cards! Each one is left blank for your own message and comes supplied with an envelope. They look pretty good framed too so at £2 each it’s a very affordable way to bring some fairy magic to your home.   12 […]

  • Shy VioletShy Violet

    Wild violet, an unassuming wildflower that can grow abundantly if undisturbed and usually the perfect hiding spot for fairies. This fairy and her young child have been spotted though! Fairies are naturally shy and mistrustful of human folk, with good reason being so tiny and vulnerable. The young mother peeps shyly out from behind a […]

  • Sound Of The Sea

    I don’t know why I haven’t painted fairies by the sea before considering it is one of my favourite places to be and there is definitely magic to be found. Have you ever held a shell to your ear and wondered how the sound of the sea is captured inside? Fairy magic of course. Here […]

  • Spring Cleaning

    One day the petals are carpeting the ground, the next they are gone. Where do they go? Maybe fairies are at work? Here we have two fairies busy with their feather brooms, sweeping up the blossom petals. Well, one is busy….the other is maybe not fully embracing the task in hand. These prints are 10″ […]

  • The Adornment

    Legend has it that Fairy Rings are worn areas in the grass made by fairies dancing. It is believed they are where fairies come to dance and celebrate, and perform many of the rituals of their own magic. Here in this painting you can see one of those rituals taking place. In the milky twilight, […]

  • The Artist

    The first colours of autumn/fall are so beautiful. The contrasts of green with the hues of gold, orange and red are a palette of colours any artist would be proud of. For centuries artists have been inspired to paint autumnal landscapes but who do we have to thank for creating nature’s finest masterpiece? Each leaf […]

  • The Dew Pond

    Who can resist disturbing a smooth glassy surface of water? I loved painting this…the play of sunlight though the fairy’s dress and petals of the water lily, along with the shine and sparkle of the wings and water….magic. This print is 13″ x 10″ (16″ x 13″ mounted) ready to frame.   High quality Blank […]

  • The Dragon’s Roar

    The garden at night is a fabulous place for the young fairies to explore. Under the cover of darkness they are hidden and safe…..or are they? Here one little fairy is bravely exploring the forest of Snapdragon plants. Of course she has heard the tales of the dragon flowers coming to life with huge mouths […]