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  • A Break In The Clouds

    A fairy venturing out with her umbrella after a heavy downpour as the sun comes out. These prints are 10″ x 10″ (13″ x 13″ mounted) ready to frame.   High quality Blank Greeting Card (US$2.63 / £2 / C$3.52) High quality Blank Signed Greeting Card (US$6.6 / £5 / C$8.8) Giclee Limited Edition Signed […]

  • A Listening Ear

    Is there anything that says summer like vibrant red poppies swaying in shiny golden wheat fields? There is magic to be found here if you look closely enough. In this painting a fairy in a silky scarlet dress sits on an ear of wheat intently listening to a poppy flower. I wonder what is being […]

  • Accidents HappenAccidents Happen

    Hydrangeas fascinate me. How is it you can have different colour blooms in just one shrub? These young fairies have been given a little job to keep them out of mischief….painting some of the blue hydrangea flowers from blue to pink. A fairly simple task to do you would think but little ones are very […]

  • Autumn Glaze

    Autumn is a magical time in woodlands. The glowing colours, the mistiness in the air and toadstools are all sure signs of fairy presence and there are other clues too if you look hard enough. If you peek under a toadstool you might just be lucky enough to see a fairy working hard to add […]

  • Breeze Through The Bluebells

    There is magic to be found in the bluebell wood with its breathtaking display of flowers in the spring and you just know fairies are present. I loved the idea of catching a glimpse of a fairy as a breeze playfully moves through the flowers and gently caresses her hair and dress as she perches […]

  • Broken Wing

    As you all know I love to paint fairies and I started thinking about what might happen to a fairy who’s wings get broken or damaged. This piece called ‘The Torn Wing’ shows a fairy who has accidentally torn one of her wings on a windy day…..I wonder if she can still fly? These prints […]

  • Dance Of The Red Dragonflies

    The red dragonflies are of significant importance to my client as they represent a fond part of her life when she was studying Chinese medicine some years ago. My brief was to paint these beautiful creatures dancing with fairies so I came up with this scene, each fairy partnered with a dragonfly, lost in their […]

  • Dewdrops at Dawn

    This painting is inspired by the breathtakingly beautiful sight of spiderwebs covered in morning dew. I am no fan of spiders but I so appreciate the intricate beauty of a silky spiderweb…the embellishment of dew drops is surely one of nature’s wonders. Or is it? Could it be fairy magic at work? Here we have […]

  • Drifting Away

    Drifting across the water a fallen Autumn leaf carries two fairies on a gentle journey. With fairy lights wrapped around the stem casting a guiding light and warm glow, one fairy soothes or comforts her friend as she drifts into a peaceful sleep. When life is tough painting fairies is where I find peace. It’s […]

  • Elf Knots

    According to an ancient legend, the fairies visited the stables in the middle of the night to make knots in the manes of the horses. It is said that once the horsehair of the horses braided, these little creatures used knots as stirrups to ride the horses at nightfall. So if you find it in […]

  • Evie In The Bluebell Woods

    This was a painting completed for pure pleasure which had been screaming at me to get out for some time, so I was very pleased when I finally had the time to do it! Evie used to come to my art classes and is the beautiful daughter of one of my Facebook friends. I was […]

  • Fairies Collecting Raindrops

    This fairytale commission was created for a 5 year old girl. I was asked to create a fairy painting using pinks and greens, and decided upon this springlike scene. The two fairies are patiently collecting raindrops as they roll off the leaves, their gossamer wings glinting in the spring sunshine. The fairy laying on the […]

  • Fairy Lights

    Ever wondered what Tooth Fairies get up to when there not collecting teeth? Well here we see them busy still. ‘Fairy Lights’ was commissioned by the owner of a dental agency in honour of her employees, her ‘tooth fairies’ These prints are 10″ x 10″ (13″ x 13″ mounted) ready to frame.   High quality […]

  • Footsteps!

    Fairies are very good at hiding but I think it must be very stressful at times, always living with the fear of being discovered. Here, a flutter of fairies have taken cover under a couple of toadstools as the sound of human footsteps approach. Twigs snapping and leaves crunching are sounds I love to hear […]

  • IridescenceDragonflies are magical. The power in their wings and grace in their flight are very similar to that of a fairy. It is no wonder the two creatures have a very special bond and can easily be mistaken for each other. The beautiful iridescent colours of the dragonfly are mirrored in the dress of this fairy as she rests on a water iris and her shimmery wings are strikingly similar. So the next time you catch a glimpse of iridescent sparkle over a glassy lake or resting on a flower look carefully.....is it really a dragonfly that you see? 12"x24" acrylic on canvas.

    Dragonflies are magical. The power in their wings and grace in their flight are very similar to that of a fairy. It is no wonder the two creatures have a very special bond and can easily be mistaken for each other. The beautiful iridescent colours of the dragonfly are mirrored in the dress of this […]

  • Love At First SightLove At First Sight

    After a hard winter one of the most beautiful and uplifting sights is seeing the first sign of spring. Here we have a fairy tenderly cradling the first snowdrop flower that has emerged from the thawing snow and her face is pressed gently against the petals with a gentle loving smile. This print is 13″ […]

  • Love In A Nutshell

    Under the lush green leaves nestled in the grass, a fairy baby stirs. A gentle rock of the walnut shell cradle and a soothing smile should hopefully settle the baby again. I loved trying to capture the light in this one, particularly the softness through the sheer fabric of the fairy’s dress and in the […]

  • Lynne Bellchamber 2019 Calendar – Fairy Art through the Seasons – Sorry, out of stock!

    The calendar is A3 in size and single sided. With its magical cover and original artwork this fairy calendar provides the viewer with a new visual delight every month. “Lynne Bellchamber’s charming paintings are irresistible, introducing us to the secret world fairies inhabit and allows the viewer an insight into their day to day lives.” […]

  • Promise Of Snowfall

    As the weather warms up, I am inspired to paint winter….why?? 😂 As the temperature drops, the anticipation of snow rises and it’s no different in the fairy realm. Nestled amongst the needles of a pine tree are two little winter fairies. These little beings never feel the cold and fully embrace their duties of caring for […]

  • Rise And Shine

    Where do the young fairies sleep at night? They’re so small and vulnerable. I like to think the morning glory vine is the perfect place. This plant has large trumpet-shaped flowers and as the sun sets in the evenings the young sleepy fairies climb into the beautiful blooms. The morning glory is truly magic. It […]

  • Set of all 12 Fairy Cards

    *** NEW *** I now have 12 designs in my range of fairy greetings cards! Each one is left blank for your own message and comes supplied with an envelope. They look pretty good framed too so at £2 each it’s a very affordable way to bring some fairy magic to your home.   12 […]

  • Sound Of The Sea

    I don’t know why I haven’t painted fairies by the sea before considering it is one of my favourite places to be and there is definitely magic to be found. Have you ever held a shell to your ear and wondered how the sound of the sea is captured inside? Fairy magic of course. Here […]

  • Spring Cleaning

    One day the petals are carpeting the ground, the next they are gone. Where do they go? Maybe fairies are at work? Here we have two fairies busy with their feather brooms, sweeping up the blossom petals. Well, one is busy….the other is maybe not fully embracing the task in hand. These prints are 10″ […]

  • The Artist

    The first colours of autumn/fall are so beautiful. The contrasts of green with the hues of gold, orange and red are a palette of colours any artist would be proud of. For centuries artists have been inspired to paint autumnal landscapes but who do we have to thank for creating nature’s finest masterpiece? Each leaf […]

  • The Dew Pond

    Who can resist disturbing a smooth glassy surface of water? I loved painting this…the play of sunlight though the fairy’s dress and petals of the water lily, along with the shine and sparkle of the wings and water….magic. This print is 13″ x 10″ (16″ x 13″ mounted) ready to frame.   High quality Blank […]

  • The Gown MakerThe Gown Maker

    Is there a more romantic, glamorous and flamboyant flower than the peony? It is surely the bloom of choice for the perfect fairy ball gown with it’s delicate, yet decadent, soft layers. In this painting a talented gownmaker is working her magic with soft pink peony petals. She works deftly, creating a gown of dreams […]

  • The Guiding Light

    On dark autumn evenings I imagine it must be difficult for fairies to find their way around. Thank goodness for the Chinese lantern plant with it’s fruit covered in bright orange paper lanterns in September. With a little fairy magic, these lanterns provide a beautiful glow to help a fairy find her way home…. the […]

  • The Lucky Find

    In this painting there is a young fairy who has made a very special discovery amongst the lush clover leaves. She will of course have been told about the lucky four leaved clovers by the older fairies but I expect she never thought she would actually find one herself. I understand her sheer delight and […]

  • The Thaw

    Although winter is a beautiful season, a slight warmth in the air is always welcome after a long period of ice and snow isn’t it. Nature and wildlife slowly wake up from a deep winter slumber at the promise of spring and here, emerging from a cosy little hollow in a tree is a little […]

  • Time To Let Go

    Blossom on trees must be one of the most beautiful sights in nature but it is a sad sight when the petals start falling…but how do the petals know when to let go? I think they have a helping hand. Here we have two fairies sitting on the branch of a wild cherry tree. One […]

  • Unforgotten

    I was in a melancholy mood I started this painting. So much tragedy and loss, not only the big events in the news but also many friends and clients had lost loved ones and I found myself absorbing the grief and sadness. It’s not my pain to bear and I don’t know why it affected […]

  • Waltz Of The FuchsiasWaltz Of The Fuchsias

    You never know what delights you might find in the garden if you are quiet and patient. If you are very lucky you might just get the chance to see a very special show like this one. Sunbeams fall through the dense foliage of a fuschia plant like stage lights and the fairy ballerinas take […]

  • Winter Rose

    Sitting on a silky winter rose, this fairy lifts her face to the pale watery light from a winter sun. Frost clings to the leaves of the rose giving them a sharp glittery edge and the sun is just strong enough to add sparkle to the abandoned web which has been draped over the frost […]