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Lynne is a Fine Artist specialising in original artwork in acrylic on canvas.

There are signed prints and a selection of greetings cards available to order from this website.

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Fairy Artwork… Step inside my world…

My love for fairies began when I was a child.  I used to be captivated by the fairy tales and magical books I used to read and would lose myself for hours in the secret realm of the fairies, but I often felt disappointed and frustrated in the illustrations.  The images were rarely how I imagined them to be in my mind so I took to drawing my own versions and made up my mind to be a children’s book illustrator.

Unfortunately my tutors at art college believed I should pursue a career in contemporary art instead so I enrolled on a Fine Art Painting degree course at Brighton University.  I wish I had stuck to my goal, contemporary art turned out not to be my thing at all.  I totally lost my confidence and enthusiasm for painting despite selling work from my final year show and picking up a well paid commission.  After that I didn’t pick up a paintbrush again for 15 years.

This all changed when I became a mother to my two daughters.  As they grew I started to see the world through their innocent eyes.  The joy and fascination they found in the small wonders of nature reignited my passion for painting as I became overwhelmed with the desire to capture the magic they saw.  They seemed to see fairy magic everywhere, in every flower, in every raindrop and every gust of wind.  I couldn’t help but see it too.  Today I work as a freelance commission based artist but fairies remain my true love and I paint them whenever I have a gap in commissions.  I feel incredibly blessed to be doing exactly what I love and share the fairy world I see through my paintings.

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