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The Gloaming Completed

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All products currently available (click image for more info):

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  • A Break In The Clouds
    Order A break in the clouds
  • A Listening Ear A Listening Ear
    Order A Listening Ear
  • Accidents Happen Accidents Happen
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  • Accidents Happen 1000 Piece Jigsaw Accidents Happen Jigsaw

    Out of Stock

  • Autumn Glaze
    Order Autumn Glaze
  • Breeze Through The Bluebells
    Order Breeze through the bluebells
  • Broken Wing
    Order Broken Wing
  • Changing Seasons 1000 Piece Jigsaw Changing Seasons Jigsaw
    Order Changing Seasons Jigsaw 1000 Piece Jigsaw @ £20.00
  • Dance Of The Red Dragonflies
    Order Dance Of The Red Dragonflies Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Dewdrops at Dawn Dewdrops at Dawn
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  • Dragonflies 1000 Piece Jigsaw Dragonflies Jigsaw

    Out of Stock

  • Drifting Away
    Order Drifting Away Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Elf Knots
    Order Elf Knots
  • Evie In The Bluebell Woods Evie In The Bluebell Woods
    Order Evie In The Bluebell Woods Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Fairies Collecting Raindrops Fairies Collecting Raindrops
    Order Fairies Collecting Raindrops
  • Fairy Lights
    Order Fairy Lights
  • Footsteps! Footsteps!
    Order Footsteps Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • High Winds High Winds
    Order High Winds
  • Dragonflies are magical. The power in their wings and grace in their flight are very similar to that of a fairy. It is no wonder the two creatures have a very special bond and can easily be mistaken for each other. The beautiful iridescent colours of the dragonfly are mirrored in the dress of this fairy as she rests on a water iris and her shimmery wings are strikingly similar. So the next time you catch a glimpse of iridescent sparkle over a glassy lake or resting on a flower look carefully.....is it really a dragonfly that you see? 12"x24" acrylic on canvas. Iridescence
    Order Iridescence Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Love At First Sight Love At First Sight
    Order Love At First Sight
  • Love In A Nutshell
    Order Love In A Nutshell
  • Lynne Bellchamber – Fairy Art Calendar 2020 – Sorry, sold out

    Out of Stock

  • Because I Love You NEW: Because I Love You
    Order Because I Love You
  • NEW: Changing Seasons
    Order Changing Seasons Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Enlightenment NEW: Enlightenment
    Order Enlightenment Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Hope NEW: Hope
    Order Hope
  • NEW: The Adornment
    Order The Adornment Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • NEW: The Gloaming
    Order The Gloaming Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Promise of Snowfall Promise Of Snowfall
    Order Promise Of Snowfall Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Rise And Shine
    Order Rise And Shine Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Set of all 20 Fairy Cards
    Order All 20 of My Current Fairy Cards 20 Greeting Cards @ £35.00
  • Shy Violet Shy Violet
    Order Shy Violet Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Sound Of The Sea Sound Of The Sea
    Order Sound Of The Sea Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Spring Cleaning
    Order Spring Cleaning
  • The Adornment 1000 Piece Jigsaw The Adornment Jigsaw
    Order The Adornment Jigsaw 1000 Piece Jigsaw @ £20.00
  • The Artist
    Order The Artist Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • The Dew Pond The Dew Pond
    Order The Dew Pond
  • The Dragon’s Roar
    Order The Dragon's Roar Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • The Gloaming 1000 Piece Jigsaw The Gloaming Jigsaw
    Order The Gloaming Jigsaw 1000 Piece Jigsaw @ £20.00
  • The Gown Maker The Gown Maker
    Order The Gown Maker Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • The Guiding Light The Guiding Light
    Order The Guiding Light Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • The Lucky Find
    Order The Lucky Find
  • The Thaw The Thaw
    Order The Thaw Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Time To Let Go
    Order Time To Let Go
  • Unforgotten Unforgotten
    Order Unforgotten Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Waltz Of The Fuchsias Waltz Of The Fuchsias
    Order Waltz Of The Fuchsias Limited Edition Signed Print @ £50.00
  • Winter Rose
    Order Winter Rose